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Humane Training in Moscow

Personal training

I come to your home or any other convenient place for you. Lessons at home are recommended for puppies for 2-3 months and for adult dogs with behavior problems in the house

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My name is Yulia Podkosova. I am a pet dog trainer and behaviour consultant.

I will help you raise a real friend from your dog. You will be able to spend a day at the park with the whole family, stroll by the Moscow central streets, have a cup of coffee at the summer terrace and even travel around the world. Tell me how you see your ideal life with your dog, and I will help you to make it true.

I don’t work with those, who see their dog as a tool for realisation of their own ambitions. I work with those, who see their dog as a respected and equal family member, that has specific rights and obligations. I work with people who have family, work, hobbies and who want just to have fun spending time with their dogs, not to become a professional dog trainer. If you value your own time and want the best for your dog, K9-friendly is what you are looking for.

What do you get coming to K9-friendly for dog training?



I come to you at designated time and place. You don’t need to spend time on travelling to training ground.

You don’t need to rearrange your daily routine and make special time for training. Exercises are fitted into your usual routine



No waste of time learning skills you don’t need. You get only what you need for achieving your goals.

The exact amount of lessons you need to obtain required skills. You don’t need to visit training ground for months



Only up to date scientific knowledge and training methods.

Respectful attitude to you and your dog.

Maximum result with minimal time and money

Name K9-friendly reflects the main characteristic of my training approach – friendly attitude to a dog. I will never recommend you using aversive equipment, leash corrections or “becoming the leader of a pack”. All training is based on games, that are fun for both dogs and their owners. You will improve the bond between you so that your dog will follow your commands because he likes doing it, not because he is afraid of punishment.

What do clients say about training with K9-friendly?

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