Positive puppy training

If you have already bought a puppy or you are just thinking about doing it, and if you want to raise your puppy right, this book is meant for you.

If you have friends who have purchased a puppy recently, share this book with them.

If you are a breeder, give this book out with a puppy to his new owners.

If you have not a puppy but an adult dog, you can still find out something new and useful for you in this book.

In the book “Positive puppy training” you will find answers to such questions as:

– How to housetrain your puppy

– How to crate train your puppy

– How to teach puppy to stay home alone

– How to teach puppy not to bite

– How to teach puppy not to bark

– What to do when puppy growls guarding his bowl, food or toys

– How to get puppy used to nail trimming and grooming

– How to socialise your puppy right

Forget about outdated dominance theory and physical punishment. Underlying concept “reward good, prevent bad” will help you to raise ideal dog and solve any behaviour problems. Hard to believe? Just give it a try and see how easy, fun and effective humane training approach can be!


The book is available only in russian language