Personal Training

I offer private in-home dog training in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)


In-home training means that I come to your house or any other place that is convenient to you. Training sessions at home are recommended for puppies 2-3 months old (while on quarantine) and for older dogs that have problem behaviour occurring at home. In all other cases we can work outside in any quiet place (in a yard, park or special training ground).


What I can help you with

Do you have a little puppy or an adult dog without any serious behaviour problems? Then I can offer you an APDT C.L.A.S.S.  training program. Having accomplished it, your dog will walk with you on a loose leash, come to you when called, walk past yummies laying on the ground and calmly lie underneath a cafe table while you’re enjoying your coffee.


Does your dog have some problem behaviour? I will help you fix it. I work with different fears, aggression to dogs and people and separation anxiety. Also I can help you with housetraining, crate training and getting your dog used to nail trimming and other handling procedures.


Please mention, that I don’t do Schutzhund and sports training. My training is meant for ordinary families, who just want to relax and have fun with their dogs.


What the first training session looks like?